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"It is a privilege and honour to be shortlisted for two categories at the prestigious Nursing Times Award 2012. Being shortlisted acknowledges the dedication and commitment of the Primary Mental Health Team within the Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental health Service and highlights the collaborative and innovative work that is undertaken across Primary and Secondary Care Services for children and their families with emotional and mental health needs.
Congratulations to the team and best of luck at the Awards ceremony."

Angela Lodwick, Head Specialist CAMHS , Hywel Dda Health Board , Shortlisted for Team of the Year and Nursing in Mental Health

"It is an enormous honour, for the Isle of Man team, to have been short listed for the Nursing Times Top Team Award placing the Isle of Man firmly at the forefront of innovative healthcare.
It has not only added to the credibility of the Wound Action Group but has increased encouragement and boosted confidence, for the team, to work on future initiatives."

Isle of Man Wound Action Group, Shortlisted for Team of the Year Award

"We are absolutely thrilled to be short listed in the Infection Prevention and Control category, for the prestigious Nursing Times awards. This has indeed given us huge recognition for the work undertaken and has provided significant prestige together with motivation to pursue our campaign further. It also gives encouragement to other education projects and innovations which seek to improve and develop the service provided and in so doing enhance the care for the patients we serve."

Wayne Baldwin, Practice Development Nurse and Jayne Murphy Practice Education Facilitator, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Shortlisted for Infection Prevention and Control Award

"I am absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for the NT Awards with 'Hello Baby' - enhancing maternal-infant interaction programme.
There is a wealth of evidence to support the need for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health services and I am very passionate about this area of work -Blackpool has a significant level of deprivation and maternal depression and this project has enabled to bring the evidence, my passion and the need together to increase the uptake of perinatal services by women with perinatal depression and enhance the parent-child connection and reduce the legacy of the long-term impact of unresponsive parenting. "

Deborah O'Dea, Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Specialist Health Visitor, Blackpool NHS FT, Shortlisted for the Child and Adolescent Services Award

"Being shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award 2012 was a wonderful surprise! As a young nurse, I am extremely grateful to my colleagues within the Intensive Care Unit at Morriston Hospital, and staff across Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board for their continuous support and encouragement.
Gaining recognition and increasing awareness of this project is central to its success. I hope that by being shortlisted for this prestigious award, I will encourage other young nurses, and nursing teams to innovate, voice opinions, and contribute to developing a caring, thorough and progressive health care system with patients' needs at its heart."

Sara Davies, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, Shortlisted for the Rising Star Award

"We are absolutely delighted to have recognition for the hard work and dedication our nurses and other health professionals have shown in the ambition to eliminate hospital acquired, avoidable pressure ulcers as part of our drive to improve quality of care for Older People."

Dawn Wardell, Director of Nursing & Quality, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Shortlisted for Care of Older People Award

"We are absolutelty thrilled to be shortlisted within the learning disability category of the 2012 NT Awards. It is inspiring to have our dedication to the Weigh4Ward project celebrated nationally. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the group and their enthusiasm throughout."

Vanessa Lane. Community Nurse, Derby CTLD, Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. Short listed for Learning Disability Nursing Award.

"We are thrilled and delighted to have been shortlisted for this prestigious NT award which has nationwide recognition. It is an opportunity for recognition of our Trust's support to practitioners in innovation and autonomy when working in dementia care and demonstrates that collaborative work between a mental health and an acute Trust can happen. It just needs recognition of the opportunities and the commitment of all involved.
Being shortlisted means that we have been recognised for our new initiative and we hope to raise the public's awareness of dementia and encourage people to seek early diagnosis - supporting and reducing the stigma attached to the condition. The awards evening will provide an opportunity to share and disseminate good practice and generate new interest by networking.
This clinic could not have been implemented without the collaborative work of all involved. The ultimate aim is to provide a multi, interprofessional and collaborative service to raise awareness and identify early diagnosis of the unknown population with dementia -empowering the person to manage their own condition while supporting their family and carers."

5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Shortlisted for Nursing in Mental Health Award

"It is such fantastic news to have been short listed for such a prestigious award and to have been named as a Nursing Times finalist. The partners at CircleBath and the Circle Partnership are so proud that one of their Senior Nursing Partners has been recognised in the category of Cancer Nurse Leadership. In order to promote this fantastic news we will seek to publish an article in our local newspapers, and as part of an advertorial in our local Bath Life magazine. We will also promote this great achievement in our 2012 Circle Nursing and AHP conference taking place in October 2012, with our local Cancer Network, Insurance Companies and as part of our awards page on our website."

Sandra Jones, Oncology and Breast Care Lead, CircleBath, Shortlisted for the Cancer Leadership Award

"We are pleased to have been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Awards. iNurse improves patient care by allowing access to records at the point of care and provides additional safety for lone workers. The solution also enables us to demonstrate that our nursing teams are effective and are delivering real value for money, which is essential for all health organisations in the UK today."

Sue Craighill, Lead Nurse, Medway Community Healthcare, Shortlisted for the Nursing in the Community Award

"To be shortlisted for such a prestigious award means a lot to us and gives us a great opportunity to share our work with the wider NHS. Our Trust is genuinely committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff and, despite current pressures within the NHS, we will always prioritise this agenda as we believe it contributes directly to the quality of care we provide.
To actively support staff in their resilience and maintain or improve their mental wellbeing, it is vital they feel able to take ownership of this agenda and can choose from a range of initiatives. As a provider of clinical services we would never consider giving care to individuals without offering them choice and gaining active engagement and involvement, so we feel the same approach should always be adopted with our staff - instead of just assuming we know what staff want or need. This is why all our work is taken forward with a true sense of partnership; aiming to build and sustain resilience in our workforce. A great deal of work has been undertaken by a dedicated team and we are proud that the outcomes clearly align to our Trust's vision and values. Our work in this area is continually evolving and we're very much looking forward to hearing from other organisations at the awards as sharing and learning from best practise is something we are very passionate about."

Steven Michael, Chief Executive and David Pickersgill, Staff Side Co-Chair, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Shortlisted for Excellence in Supporting Staff Health and Wellbeing

"Shooting Star CHASE is very proud to have been shortlisted for a prestigious NT Award. As a charitable service and one that has an entire care team committed to helping life limited children and teenagers maximise their lives in every way, this nomination really recognises the innovation and commitment of the nursing team in making sure that even the very sickness of children can be at home at the most critical times, the place where they feel the safest. This small team, whose work is so unpredictable, work tirelessly to make sure all children and families are cared for where they want to be. If this nomination let's just one more family or clinician know that such a high level of care can be achieved safely at home then another vital step will have been taken. Thank you NT"

Bridget Turner, Director of Care, Shooting Star CHASE, Shortlisted for the Nursing in the community Award

'It is fantastic to be shortlisted and receive this recognition for our work at the Dementia Services Development Centre. This project, funded by Comic Relief, improves the lives of people with dementia and gives that much needed support to family carers.'

Juanita Green, PA to Professor June Andrews & Events Manager, Dementia Services Development Centre, Shortlisted for Enhancing Patient Dignity

'Being shortlisted for the NT Awards has given us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate how important mental wellbeing is to our nurses and the impact it has on patient care'

Wendy Goode, Workplace Health & Wellbeing Manager, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Shortlisted for Excellence in Supporting Staff Health and Wellbeing

'We are delighted to have been nominated as finalists in the Respiratory Nursing category. Our success is testament to the integrated working across the locality including our enthusiastic Breathe Easy group who have had a key active role in the project from the outset.

We are fortunate our organisation supports innovation and autonomy including working with the Eclipse Solutions with Eclipse Live (patient safety software) to develop a COPD Management Tool which can be accessed by secondary and primary care. This enables us to strive to improve the health outcomes and experiences for our patients with respiratory conditions.'

Sarah Kearney, Bfl Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist, Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Teresa Day, Clinical Lead Nurse Medicines Management, Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, Shortlisted for Respiratory Nursing

"We are delighted to be nominated as a finalist in the Category "Excellence in Supporting Staff Health and Wellbeing". The Trust has worked really hard in developing its Patient Experience Strategy and puts "Happy, Healthy and Well-motivated Staff" as one of its core campaigns, in its delivery and success. We are so pleased with this recognition and opportunity to share our good work with others and proud to use the Nursing Times logo in future promotion of our good practice."

Lisa Grant, Director of Nursing and Modernisation, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, shortlisted for Excellence in supporting staff health and wellbeing

"We are delighted that our innovative, new 'Hospital at Night' service has been nominated as a finalist in the category of nursing in mental health for the 2102 Nursing Times awards. We know that there was a huge amount of entries this year for these awards, so this is a great achievement to be shortlisted and even better if we win!"

Mary Sexton, Director of Nursing and Quality at Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust, shortlisted for Nursing in mental health award

"We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for the continence promotion and care category. The integrated team has been together just over a year and have driven up quality. It is great that the Nursing Times gives us the opportunity to demonstrate and share good practice. The team are looking forward to networking and gaining further knowledge from colleagues during the event. The Nursing Times awards recognises the potential and celebrates achievements which is appreciated through the changing times of the NHS."

Debra Ollerhead Continence Lead NHS Wirral Community Trust, Specialist Nursing Centre, shortlisted for continence promotion and care award

"We are delighted to be shortlisted for the learning disability nursing category in its first year. Our hospital and its staff have totally embraced the systems that have been developed to improve care and safety for this vulnerable group and we are proud of them. This nomination will help to ensure that the learning disability profile remains high on all clinical and health agendas including the new clinical commissioning groups and managers. Through the Nursing Times LD awards we will continue to promote the amazing work that is happening both locally and nationally."

Stevie Read. Practice Development Nurse, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Shortlisted for Learning disability Nursing Award

"The Clinical Practice Team at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust are delighted to have been short listed for this award. Delivering the Clinical MOT is immensely rewarding. We feel that we are contributing to the safe delivery of care to our patients by positively influencing the clinical practice of our nurses. It would be great if other organisations were inspired by our work. It is absolutely fantastic to get recognition for doing something that we are so passionate about."

Clinical practice team, Sandwell and west Birmingham Hospitals NHS trust, shortlisted for Patient Safety Improvement Award

"Being shortlisted is a great honour for our service. Not only is this a morale booster for all members of the team it also helps promote the staff support project here at the hospital. We are planning another Wellbeing day in March 2013 and we will include information about the Nursing Times shortlisting in our promotion for the event. Staff and volunteers here at the Trust are very important to us. It is a key objective for the organisation to ensure we provide quality support that promotes health and wellbeing, which in turn helps each individual member of staff be resilient and valued as an important person in our overall delivery of professional care."

Dr Peter Mackereth Clinical Lead Supportive Care /Tobacco Control c/o the Rehabilitation Unit the Christie NHS Foundation Trust, shortlisted for Excellence in Supporting Staff Health and Wellbeing Award

"It's WICKED... that we have been short listed for a Nursing Times Award in the Child and Adolescent services category.As two diabetes specialist nurses for young people we are delighted and honoured to be a finalist for this Nursing Times Award which acknowledges the hard work we have put in to creating, developing and delivering the WICKED course. We would also like to recognise the input and support we have received throughout from our colleagues within NIHR CLAHRC South Yorkshire, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Sheffield.
We have developed a structured education course taking into account our understanding of the challenges and lifestyle decisions that young people with Type 1 diabetes face. Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes (WICKED) is an age appropriate structured education programme for young people with type 1 diabetes transitioning from paediatric to adult care. We would like to thank Nursing Times for the opportunity to showcase our work."

Kay Bottrell, Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Young People, Creator & Educator of WICKED, Vanessa Whitehead, Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Young People Creator & Educator of WICKED & Dr Clare Gibson, Resource Design & Illustrator of WICKED, Shortlisted for Child and Adolescent services category.

"People with Learning Disabilities have been treated as different for too long. This has led to practices which have focussed on changing people's behaviour instead of seeing challenging behaviour as a product of a normal reaction to extraordinary circumstances, frustrations, pressures and lack of opportunities. The Panorama programme and Winterbourne enquiries have clearly outlined what can happen when people are segregated, congregated and don't have opportunities to live in ordinary houses, in ordinary streets with ordinary opportunities (developed from person centred support which focus on varied lifestyles leading to living life to its potential). The values behind this along with a commitment to Valuing People and the Mansell Reports have meant that all teams within Salford LD services strive to come closer to this goal. The improvement in the quality of life of people is tangible and has resulted in fewer people leaving Salford and people being supported in their own homes. The team in Salford have been dedicated to this goal and are extremely proud that all the work that Dave Williams has done in helping the approach at a local and national level has been recognised."

Dave Clement, Assistant Director, Salford City Council, Shortlisted for Nurse of the Year Award

"We are delighted to have been short-listed for this prestigious award as it acknowledges all the hard work and efforts of the team. The short-listing also confirms that our aim of increasing the confidence of care home staff in the provision of palliative care is worthwhile."

Dr Sally Lawton, Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care, NHS Grampian, Shortlisted for Care of Older People Award

"We are thrilled that the CHCP CIC's Bitesize project is proving to be a massive success positively impacting upon the weight and lives of the people in Hull. To be shortlisted for the Nursing Times awards 2012 is a true honour and the icing on the fat free cake!"

Heidi Henrickson, Weight Management Services Manager, NHS City Health Care Partnership, Shortlisted for the Nursing in the Community Award

"Bernie Cuthel, Chief Executive, is absolutely delighted Liverpool Community Health has been shortlisted for this award by the Nursing Times. This programme has taken over 2 years and is the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work and determination by all parties engaged in the COPD QIPP programme in Liverpool and Sefton - Commissioners, GPs, acute and tertiary physicians, the British Lung Foundation and Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust. At the heart of the work was the desire to see COPD patients treated within the community and empowered to manage their own condition, with the support of health professionals working collaboratively to deliver that outcome. Patients now feel fully supported at each point of the care pathway with the Liverpool Community Health Community Respiratory Team as their first point of contact. To be recognised by the Nursing Times by being shortlisted for this award is fantastic."

Carol Hughes, Long Term Conditions Manager and Helen Lockett, Director of Operations and Executive Nurse, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, Shortlisted for the Respiratory Nursing award


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Prince Charles hails dedication of Nurses in Nursing Times

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